Advisor to the Board and Consultant

As Advisor, Christian advises Company Boards and consults Companies and individuals by the hour.

consulting Advisory

As Advisor to the Board, Christian provides guidance and support on ICO do’s and dont’s, Partnerships, Customer Acquisition and Fundraising from traditional investors.
If you are interested in being considered as an advised entity, fill out the information here

professor-consultation Advisory

As an hourly Consultant, Christian provides guidance and support on Blockchain Technology Architecture, Tokenomics, Initial Coin Offerings (i.e. ICOs) from Start to Finish, ICO Regulation and Compliance, Cryptocurrency Investments, start-up strategy, operations and go-to-market.

For a consult, schedule a time below:
20 mins | 40 mins | 60 mins

Christian’s Clientele

  • Large private investment firms

    Venture Capital, Family Offices, Private Equity Funds

  • Blockchain companies in Pre and Post ICO phase

    Protocols and Applications

  • Large, Non-blockchain companies interested in Blockchain integrations and ICOs

    Software, Service and Manufacturing